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Area Rugs - Design Ideas for modern & contemporary rugs

Adding finishes touch to your rooms demands you to be circumspect. You ought to sprinkle the finishing touches quite carefully or else the hard work you put on your home would be waste of time, money and energy. There can be a myriad of décor products that can produce a striking colour-contrast thereby helping you furnish your rooms elegantly. Easier said than done, question arises ‘what products can add beauty to the rooms?’ Well, you have got an amazing option here. The answer to all your ‘finishing touch worries’ is a rug. Scintillating area rugs are easily available, at least now when you have access to Getting such amazing area rugs of all sorts at a single place was...

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5 Reasons People Avoid Buying Area Rugs And Tips To Ease The Anxiety

In today's featured video, you'll learn why many people have anxiety about buying an area rug?  Interior Designer, Pamela O'brien reveals some interesting reasons why, but even better, she offers some rug buying tips to alleviate the anxiety and ensure you pick the perfect rug. Pamela O'brien:  Buying Guide: Area Rugs Hi I'm Pamela O'brien with Pamela Hope Designs.  I do interior design in Houston, TX.  One of my favorite things to do with my clients is to help them buy rugs. I think a lot of clients are a little afraid of the rug buying process.  For a couple of reasons...One reason is that a rug may represent what, to a client, is a lot of costs.  Secondly, might...

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