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Poshrug Beige White Laser Printed Cowhide Rug

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Laser Printed Beige and White Patchwork Cowhide Area Rug


Rugs add a unique charm to the ambiance of home decor, they bring out the life in a room. This is because rugs add a bit of sophistication to any space while protecting the wood flooring and tiles for your home. However, if you have not yet found a perfect rug for your home is maybe because you have never used a cowhide area rug.

The Laser Printed Cowhide Area Rug is an exclusive offering from our patchwork rug collection that brings stunning style to your home's appearance. It is the perfect combination of classic meets modern. This natural cowhide rug features an eternal design that adds decorative flair to your home interior and provides contemporary appeal to the overall setting of your home. The essence of this cowhide rug lies in its exclusivity, which means no two rugs are similar. With its exclusive patchwork design, our designer rug brings a contemporary impact to your space, dining room or living room. The spectacular color combination of the cowhide rug with an easy-going design adds opulence to the rooms. Featuring contemporary style in its color palette in an attractive combination of beige and white, this exclusive cowhide rug adds a layer of richness to your living room.

The patchwork area rug is laser printed and makes a great decorative option, adding a unique pattern to the home interiors. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, this rug with a laser printed rug exudes happy and positive vibes to your living space.

The beige and white patchwork rug is available in five different sizes. For small entryways and hallways, we recommend the 4x6 area rug, and the 5x8 rug is suitable for expansive entries or meeting rooms. Our 6x9 area rug is perfect for your kids’ room or library. 8x10 area rug is designed to fit the bedroom and dining room and the 9x12 area rug is ideal for a really large conference area or living room.


  • Featuring a laser printing, design, our cowhide patchwork rug in a beautiful mix of beige and white color is just perfect for any contemporary space.
  • Manufactured from premium grade cowhide, the contemporary rug keeps the floor warm and provides a soft touch to your feet.
  • Extremely durable, the cowhide rug is suitable for everyday wear and tear.
  • Our cowhide patchwork rugs are available in 5 different sizes.
  • At Poshrug, no two cowhides are alike. This means you are buying an exclusive rug, comprising excellent color combinations and unique pattern.

At Poshrug, you can select your favorite from our extensive collection of patchwork area rugs. Our contemporary and traditional cowhide rugs make a perfect gift for your friends and relatives.

Order your very own luxurious laser printed cowhide rug today!

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