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Area Rugs Sustainable Lifestyles Sand Sisal Rug with Navy Blue Cotton Border

Sustainable Lifestyles Sand Sisal Rug with Navy Blue Cotton Border

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About Sisal Rugs: 

Sisal is a species of the Agave plants & the word agave is derived from the word Greek Agauos meaning of kings and heroes, illustrious and noble. There are over 300 species of agave. Sisal made from the cultivated Agave sisalana is used to make clothing and rugs. The interior of the leaves have longitudinal fibers with uses that have been passed down by native Americans. Each leaf contains an average of around 1000 fibers. This stiff fiber is used to make our 100% natural and durable rugs. Our sisal rugs, sometime called as sisal hemp rugs are one of the best available sisal rugs in the US.

Sisal carpets do not build up static nor does it trap dust, so vacuuming is the only maintenance required. High-spill areas should be treated with a fiber sealer and for spot removal, a dry cleaning powder is recommended. Depending on climatic conditions, sisal will absorb air humidity or release it, causing expansion or contraction. Sisal is not recommended for areas that receive wet spills or rain or snow.

About this Sisal Rug:

This sisal area rug is 100% natural. The tight weave material is durable and made to withstand heavy foot traffic. The border is made of cotton and is navy blue in color.

The cotton border is offered in 3 widths: Narrow, Wide and Extra Wide. Narrow corners are lapped. Wide and Extra Wide corners are mitered. Narrow shows 3/4" on face; wide shows 1 1/4" on face; and Extra Wide shows 2 1/4" on face. All are top-stitched. Blind-stitching is available for Extra Wide and it shows 3" on face.

The most popular rug size is the 8 * 10 area rug


Free ground shipping. This rug is made to order; therefore, please allow 5-10 business days for processing and an additional 3-5 business days for ground transport.


Normal Maintenance: Regular vacuuming is the best care you can do to keep the fresh appearance of your natural fiber flooring. Visible and loose dirt should be vacuumed with a strong brush-suction vacuum. Vacuum the carpet from different directions, making several passes over the area.

Vacuuming Bound Rugs: When vacuuming bound area rugs, take special care with the border. Do not let the vacuum sit on top of the border or catch the corner of the rug as it could damage the border. Also, vacuum in the direction that the border is sewn so as not to pull up the border from the rug. Rugs will not be replaced or repaired due to improper vacuuming or care.

Overall Cleaning: It is important during cleaning to control the amount of moisture. It is NOT recommended that the natural fiber be steam cleaned, wet shampooed or any other method that involves water saturation. It is recommended that a dry cleaning process be used. We have a Host Cleaning Kit for your convenience and it cleans up to a 250 sq. ft. area

Fresh Stains or Spills: These are easiest to remove while still moist. Immediately remove by blotting liquids with a white cloth and scraping up solids. If necessary, follow by dabbing with a white cloth dampened with club soda. Dry immediately with a hairdryer or fan.

Water: Because sisal, seagrass and mountain grass are natural fibers, they can absorb moisture. To avoid watermarks, spills must be cleaned up immediately with an absorbent white cloth. Dry with a hairdryer or fan.

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