What Rug You Should Not Buy If You Are Potty Training Pets

Many pet owners with hard wood floors not only want a soft warm platform for their own feet, but also a soft place for pets to lay.  After all, pets don't want to lay on a cold hard floor any more than we do.  However, pet owners looking to buy an area rug have additional factors to consider; particularly if the pets are not potty trained.  Some rugs hold up to pet stains while others not so much.

There is one particular material you should never buy with untrained pets in the home and that is Jute.  Jute is a great material in that it is natural, fire and water resistant; however, it is not odor resistant.  Jute rugs harbor odor; including that from pet urine.  The last thing you want is your nice new rug stinking up the place.

If your heart is set on a jute material rug, you should be aware that you will likely spend more to keep it clean and deodorized than you actually paid for it, or you will find yourself replacing it on a fairly regular basis; depending on how long it takes for you to fully train your pet. 

The best rug for people with pets is probably going to be polypropylene, a synthetic fiber rug, that does not hold odor easily and is not an expensive rug that can be ruined by a pet looking for a place to do his or her business.  Posh Rug carries hundreds of polypropylene rugs; which are attractive and reasonably priced.  In fact, many Oriental Weavers rugs are suitable for pet owners, so why not take a look at our rug inventory and pick something suitable out while you are here.

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