Collection: Cowhide Patchwork Rugs

Our cowhide patchwork rugs are made at a family run manufacturing unit, that has specialized in creating cowhide products. These cowhide patchwork rugs are not mixed with jacquard or any other material to drop prices. Each hide goes through a laborious process of being treated. Only the best hide is then dyed. Based on the design of the rug, we could easily use from 2 to 8 hides per rug. Once the colors set in, patches are created. It then takes two to three artisans to hand sew these patches together to make these intricate designs. Some of our most popular designs are Herringbone, Chevron, Maze & 3D in grey/ gray & white cowhide patchwork, can also be made with black and white or customized to your choice.

We ship with FedEx in the US, while internationally we ship with DHL and can ship our rugs to over 100+ countries.

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