Why Having Your Rug Steam Cleaned Is A Big Mistake And How It Should Be Cleaned Instead

One of the biggest myths among exotic area rug owners is that steam cleaning is the best way to maintain a rug.  This couldn't be further from the truth and today's featured video brought to you from Area Rug Cleaning Company is going to shine some light in a direction you've probably never gone before.  As you will see, there are many reasons why you shouldn't be having your rug steam cleaned, but wait until you see the alternative!

In this video, you'll learn...

  • What is really happening to your rug during the steam cleaning process
  • Why steam cleaning promotes mold and mildew
  • Why damaged hardwood floors is a bi-product of steam cleaning
  • An more effective method that thoroughly cleans, dries, and leaves your rug looking like it was woven yesterday.

Tub Washing vs. Top Cleaning - Area Rug Cleaning Company

Today we'd like to show you the difference between having a rug cleaned in your home verses having it cleaned in our facility where we utilize the Centrum Force rug washing system. A common practice is to call a rug cleaner that arrives at your home with a portable, truck mounted steam cleaning system.

Especially for your precious area rugs, this is not the best choice. First, this method can not remove all the try soil that is trapped in the pile and foundation of your area rug. Often the rug is cleaned with inappropriate cleaning chemicals and hot water extraction methods. This involves spraying or injecting hot water into the surface of the rug and then sucking it back up. Quite often, this method will leave water the hardwood floor surrounding the rug. This can damage the surface of the floor. Moreover, it does not get the deep down solids buried in the rug. It nearly is a surface cleaning at best.

The backside of the rug can not be cleaned properly with this method either. The rug simply will not dry out thoroughly in an acceptable amount of time; attracting new dirt. Mold and mildew can occur causing damage to the rug. As it dries, the floor around the rug can become damaged due to the prolonged moisture in the rug.

In contrast, let's look at the way we clean rugs using the Centrum Force system. The system that includes a series of highly specialized and professional machines and methodologies. We begin by laying out and carefully inspecting your rug; noting any difficult areas or challenges.

We then start the cleaning process by using our Centrum Force automated rug duster. Using innovative technology, this thoroughly removes all of the dry soils embedded in the rug. We then move on to the Centrum Star rug washing tub for a complete washing and sanitizing. This unique machine completely immerses the rug in 1200 gallons of water and gently agitates it; mimicking the gentle motion of hand washing. No brushes or other mechanical forces that could damage the rug are used. It effectively releases every bit of dirt in the fibers; front to back.

After the wash is complete. The rug is removed from the wash tub, laid out, and rinsed thoroughly. It's then placed in the state of the art, Centri-Maxx rug ringing centrifuge. Unlike home cleaning, where a good deal of water remains in the fibers, this effectively removes almost all of the moisture.

Then the rug is laid out and the pile is reset. Putting it back the way it was made, right off the loom. Then it's off to the drying area where the rug is hung in a climate controlled environment. Once drying is complete, the rug is carefully groomed and then rolled and wrapped as required for pickup or delivery back to the home. All of these steps take several hours to complete. An in-home cleaning can be done in a mere few minutes, but is that really a thorough cleaning?

Steam Cleaning vs. The Centrum Rug Cleaning Process

There is a dramatic difference between the options available in processing heirloom rugs in our community. Choosing the correct and appropriate method is essential for the preservation of these rugs for all time. We're proud to offer the Centrum Force System to care for your fine rugs. It's the most thorough, careful, and professional rug cleaning a rug can get.

 Area Rug Cleaning Company is an Ann Arbor rug cleaning company; serving serving Ann Arbor, Belleville, Cnaton, Chelsea, and Dexter.  www.arearugcleaningcompany.com


Take Aways...

  • Never use steam cleaning for precious rugs.  The steam cleaning process uses hostile chemicals and leaves the rug damp for extended periods of time causing mold and mildew as well as water damage to the flooring around and under the rug.
  • The Centrum rug cleaning process offers a more thorough cleaning and drying method that leaves your rug looking pristine.

While the featured company is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  After reading this article, surely rug owners in other regions will want to know where they can have their rug professionally cleaned by company's using the same method.  Do you know of any company's in your area using the Centrum rug cleaning process?  If so, leave a comment stating your City and State first, followed by the company name and any additional information you want to share.  Your community will appreciate you!

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