DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Okay, you've decided to remodel your kitchen and have started shopping for your cabinetry, but the choices seem endless and the pricing fluctuates greatly. Custom cabinets are very expensive and prices at the big box home improvement stores aren't much better. While shopping online you come across many ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinet stores. With these cabinets the prices are much lower and will fit your budget, but how hard is it to assemble these cabinets?

Cabinet Assembly

Assembly of RTA cabinets is easy if you are somewhat of a handyman, and have the proper necessary tools. Endless videos are available online which will guide you through the assembly process. Most online stores have assembly instructions and videos available on their website. If you decide that you won't be able to assemble these cabinets yourself, don't be discouraged from buying RTA cabinets, the savings will outweigh the cost of hiring a professional cabinet installer.  


Typically, you will save 40% to 50% when you buy RTA cabinets, shipping is usually free, and you don't pay sales taxes. The quality of RTA cabinets can vary, but particle board is usually never used, the cabinet boxes are 1/2" cabinet grade plywood. The normal charge to upgrade from particle board to plywood at the big box stores and custom cabinet shops is 20%. 


In summary, you can purchase a better cabinet and save a lot of money when buying RTA cabinets. The assembly and installation is up to you, assembly and installation usually cost about $60.00 per cabinet (15 cabinets = $900.00) when hiring a professional. Some online RTA cabinet stores offer to ship your cabinets already assembled, but of course the charge for assembly and increased shipping cost should be a consideration. Keep these factors in mind when shopping for your new cabinets and enjoy the experience of building your dream kitchen.

Written by Dave Livaccari of
I have been in the home renovation business for over 30 years. I started DALCO Kitchens because I saw the extremely high prices some of my customers were being charged for cheap particle board cabinets.

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