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Area Rugs - Design Ideas for modern & contemporary rugs

Adding finishes touch to your rooms demands you to be circumspect. You ought to sprinkle the finishing touches quite carefully or else the hard work you put on your home would be waste of time, money and energy. There can be a myriad of décor products that can produce a striking colour-contrast thereby helping you furnish your rooms elegantly. Easier said than done, question arises ‘what products can add beauty to the rooms?’ Well, you have got an amazing option here. The answer to all your ‘finishing touch worries’ is a rug. Scintillating area rugs are easily available, at least now when you have access to Getting such amazing area rugs of all sorts at a single place was...

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What Rug You Should Not Buy If You Are Potty Training Pets

Many pet owners with hard wood floors not only want a soft warm platform for their own feet, but also a soft place for pets to lay.  After all, pets don't want to lay on a cold hard floor any more than we do.  However, pet owners looking to buy an area rug have additional factors to consider; particularly if the pets are not potty trained.  Some rugs hold up to pet stains while others not so much. There is one particular material you should never buy with untrained pets in the home and that is Jute.  Jute is a great material in that it is natural, fire and water resistant; however, it is not odor resistant.  Jute rugs harbor...

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Posh Rug Has Doubled In Size Overnight!

Since opening in mid last year, Posh Rug has maintained it's online inventory of rugs around the 800-ish mark.  However, I am proud to announce that as of today, we have more than doubled in size; after adding Oriental Weavers to our selective brand of suppliers. So how did we add this many products to our data base overnight?  Well it wasn't easy, but we burned the midnight candle to make it happen and as a result, Posh Rug customers now have a wider selection of rugs to choose from. Oriental Weavers adds that special look we've been looking for here at Posh Rug.  They bring a wider variety of styles, both traditional and contemporary to the table.  Combined with...

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Posh Rug is Ready To Help You Find The Perfect Area Rug!

We finally did it!  After weeks of planning and preparing, Posh Rug is finally open for business and here to serve you in whatever way we can.  Our goal as an online retailer of area rugs is to make it easy for you to pick the ideal rug for your your interior decorating project by having a wide selection of rug styles at reasonable prices and we want to help you make that choice with as little risk as possible.  That's why we offer both a satisfaction guarantee and a price match guarantee. We want you to find a rug that excites you but more than that we want you to leave our site with no regrets and no concerns. ...

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