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Expert Tips For Decorating With Multiple Area Rugs

Today's featured video is by Eric Guenther, an Interior Designer from California.  He's telling you to bold up and stop being so scared to mix things up a bit in the pattern department.  In this video you will learn... Why you should be brave when making rug selections What rugs should have in common when decorating with 2 or more What to avoid when decorating with 2 or more rugs. Mixing Patterned Rugs and FabricsPark Fears AsideAs a designer, I am not afraid of the prospect of mixing a patterned rug with patterned furniture and even pattered drapery.  But rather welcome that because the complexity and the texture that you can weave into the room the opportunity is much greater...

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How to Modify a Rug to Fit The Size or Shape of a Piece of Furniture

One of the challenges of rug shopping, is finding a rug that fits the size and shape of the furniture that will sit on the rug.  It is often too big, too small, or does not compliment the shape.  Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Design Studio, shares a little trick she recently used to solve this problem in a recent project.  It's a resourceful skill any body shopping for an area rug should learn. In this featured video you'll learn... What type of carpet is needed to make modifications How to form the shape and size The tools needed to make the mods Some guidelines to consider when determining the final size. RUGS, How To Make an Area Rug - Interior...

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Why Having Your Rug Steam Cleaned Is A Big Mistake And How It Should Be Cleaned Instead

One of the biggest myths among exotic area rug owners is that steam cleaning is the best way to maintain a rug.  This couldn't be further from the truth and today's featured video brought to you from Area Rug Cleaning Company is going to shine some light in a direction you've probably never gone before.  As you will see, there are many reasons why you shouldn't be having your rug steam cleaned, but wait until you see the alternative! In this video, you'll learn... What is really happening to your rug during the steam cleaning process Why steam cleaning promotes mold and mildew Why damaged hardwood floors is a bi-product of steam cleaning An more effective method that thoroughly cleans,...

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5 Reasons People Avoid Buying Area Rugs And Tips To Ease The Anxiety

In today's featured video, you'll learn why many people have anxiety about buying an area rug?  Interior Designer, Pamela O'brien reveals some interesting reasons why, but even better, she offers some rug buying tips to alleviate the anxiety and ensure you pick the perfect rug. Pamela O'brien:  Buying Guide: Area Rugs Hi I'm Pamela O'brien with Pamela Hope Designs.  I do interior design in Houston, TX.  One of my favorite things to do with my clients is to help them buy rugs. I think a lot of clients are a little afraid of the rug buying process.  For a couple of reasons...One reason is that a rug may represent what, to a client, is a lot of costs.  Secondly, might...

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Area Rug Design Tips for Small to Large Spaces

Don't make the mistake of turning your rug into a floating focal point of your beloved living space.  Many times people select a rug that is entirely too small the the sofa and coffee table, resulting in an eye sore that was supposed to enhance, but instead distracts.  Area rugs make a grand statement and give a room a polished look, but do you know how to select the right size? Here's a quick guide to help you choose the right size rug for your space. Depending on the size of your room, the right size rug will ideally cover most of your floor, and leave 8-16 inches of hard wood showing around the perimeter. A minimum of the front...

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