Collection: The Torrey Collection

The Torrey Collection by Oriental Weavers is a beautiful collection of rugs that offers both classic and contemporary designs. If you’re looking for a rug that will add style to your home, then the Torrey collection from Oriental Weavers is just what you need. The loop pile in tri-colored shades on the flatwoven base which is a beautiful, light neutral shade of soft platinum gives these rugs an interesting texture and makes them stand out from other area rugs. These are perfect for any room in your home including living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or even kitchens. They can be used with any type of furniture without clashing with it or standing out too much so they can fit into almost any decorating scheme without having to worry about whether they match anything else or not because they are versatile enough to work with many different types of styles such as traditional, modern and eclectic ones among others.

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