#DIY #How to clean a bathtub

An awesome bathroom, but a dirty bathtub?. You have great bath room fixtures, great flooring , awesome bathroom accents and area rugs but your white bathtub is now brown at the base or you have a home that was purchased and the bathtub needs a good cleaning

dirty bath tub

All you need is some Lysol (Toilet bowl Cleaner), Magic Eraser & /or Kaboom. All of these are available at Walmart or any other local supply store

Step 1: Let some water run on the floor of the bathtub and the areas of the bath tub that have to be clean, once the its damp (not floating water)enough head to step 2

Step 2: Start by putting a layer of Lysol on all the dirty areas of the bath tub. You don't have to put a lot, just enough for all the dirty sections to be covered. Let sit for 2-3 hours.

Step 3: Use the magic eraser to scrub, this doesn't require a lot of effort the dirt will come off easily.

Step 4: Wash thoroughly.

Step 5: And totally optional, spray some Kaboom let sit for 15-20 minutes. Kaboom works great on mildew on the tiles.

Step 6: Scrub with Magic Eraser, wash thoroughly

Clean Bath Tub


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