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All You Need to Know About Sisal Rugs

All You Need to Know About Sisal Rugs Sisal Rugs are a type of eco-friendly product made out of sisal hemp fibers. They can be used for any type of surface and are often visible in modern homes. They offer a soft touch that makes them an excellent choice for high traffic areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. The best thing about sisal rugs is that they are durable while still being affordable, making them the perfect addition to any home. What are sisal rugs made of, how are sisal rugs made? Sisal rugs are made of durable and strong fibers woven together to create a thick mat. These fibers are gathered from the Agave sisalana plant which is...

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#DIY #How to clean a bathtub

An awesome bathroom, but a dirty bathtub?. You have great bath room fixtures, great flooring , awesome bathroom accents and area rugs but your white bathtub is now brown at the base or you have a home that was purchased and the bathtub needs a good cleaning All you need is some Lysol (Toilet bowl Cleaner), Magic Eraser & /or Kaboom. All of these are available at Walmart or any other local supply store Step 1: Let some water run on the floor of the bathtub and the areas of the bath tub that have to be clean, once the its damp (not floating water)enough head to step 2 Step 2: Start by putting a layer of Lysol on all the dirty...

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DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Okay, you've decided to remodel your kitchen and have started shopping for your cabinetry, but the choices seem endless and the pricing fluctuates greatly. Custom cabinets are very expensive and prices at the big box home improvement stores aren't much better. While shopping online you come across many ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinet stores. With these cabinets the prices are much lower and will fit your budget, but how hard is it to assemble these cabinets?Cabinet AssemblyAssembly of RTA cabinets is easy if you are somewhat of a handyman, and have the proper necessary tools. Endless videos are available online which will guide you through the assembly process. Most online stores have assembly instructions and videos available on their website. If you decide that you won't be able to...

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4 Common Carpet Cleaning Issues

Carpet cleaning is not always an easy and simple affair. There are many issues involved that can compromise the outcome of the cleaning. You should be aware of these problems so you know how to overcome them as they arise. The cleaning of carpets is more than simply cleaning the debris and surface as there is much more involved than you can even imagine.1. Over-WettingOver-wetting is one of the most common problems in carpet cleaning. In this regard, the person cleaning the carpet can apply much more water than the machine can recover. Upon drying the excess detergent and dirty water, the residues will remain on the carpet and will attract more grit and soil thus denying you the benefits of...

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