How to Choose the Appropriate Rug Size

If you've ever found yourself wondering why your living room doesn't look nearly as good as the ones in "Elle" magazine, one reason may be due to rug size.  Acess what you're doing wrong with your space in order to transform your ordinary room into a thing of beauty.

First, the size of the rug should relate to the furniture grouping, so keep in mind if your sofa is 72 inches or 84 inches, that you find a rug that fits the size of your largest piece of furniture (generally your sofa or sectional). 

The rule I really want you to remember is that the furniture needs to be on the rug. In a perfect situation, all the furniture would be on the area rug, but if it isn't possible in your space, the next very important thing for you to do is to place the front legs of your furniture on the rug. Aapproximately 6 inches of those legs should be forward on the rug.

When you do this, something magical happens inside that space. Now you have a conversational grouping. Everybody feels together. The furniture feels like it goes with the grouping, and the people that are occupying your furniture feel the same way.

Now that you're aware of what you're aware of what you're doing wrong, break out the measuring tape and go to work!  Don't have your guests yell at each other from across the room, and instead draw everyone together while enhancing your interior. 

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