4 Common Carpet Cleaning Issues

Carpet cleaning is not always an easy and simple affair. There are many issues involved that can compromise the outcome of the cleaning. You should be aware of these problems so you know how to overcome them as they arise. The cleaning of carpets is more than simply cleaning the debris and surface as there is much more involved than you can even imagine.

1. Over-Wetting

Over-wetting is one of the most common problems in carpet cleaning. In this regard, the person cleaning the carpet can apply much more water than the machine can recover. Upon drying the excess detergent and dirty water, the residues will remain on the carpet and will attract more grit and soil thus denying you the benefits of cleaning the carpets. Then there is the issue of wicking whereby the soil gets dissolved in the water and upon drying, it is left on the carpet. When such dirt remains visible on the carpet, this will definitely compromise the overall look of your carpet and the end result will be very far from desirable.

2. Rippling

Rippling is yet another very common issue when it comes to carpet cleaning and it happens due to stretching the carpet poorly when being installed. There is also a possibility of rippling happening during cleaning. Because of this, you should get an experienced carpet cleaner who will undertake the cleaning while mitigating the likelihood of this occurring.

3. Carpet Browning

Carpet browning is also very common as well and you might confuse it with yellowing or wicking. However, the presence of cellulosic fibers is what increases the likelihood of your carpet browning.

4. Furniture Stains

Finally, you should avoid furniture stains by placing the right protection like clear plastic tabs on the floor where the furniture makes contact in order to protect your carpet when it is freshly cleaned.

Written by David of procleanmemphis.com
Professional team experience and also a very good experience in carpet cleaning.

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