Collection: The Angora Collection

The Angora collection is an enduring flatwoven Soumak boasting beautiful shades of charcoal, cinnabar, slate, navy and gold colors. Hand-woven of 100 percent wool, these flawless yet versatile designs incorporate a finely woven herringbone effect that creates a multi-textural pattern and warmth to your decor. Traditional Persian patterns enhance this transitional piece that will elevate any setting in your home to a warm and sophisticated space while maintaining its versatility for use in various settings including spaces that require more than one rug. The pure wool used to weave the rugs in this collection is blended with premium cotton that gives it resilience and durability for years of wear. Because every weft yarn passes through four warp yarns, each loop of the Soumak technique intertwines itself around to become a strong foundation in rugs or household textiles like shawls and scarves. Traditional silk and camel hair accents give your home an inspired look that is perfect for both casual living rooms as well as formal spaces. Hand-knoven by artisans from India, the Angora collection features natural herringbone borders, traditional floral motifs, exquisite color palettes combined with precise finishing techniques make these rugs stand the test of time

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