Collection: The Fiona Collection

The Fiona Collection from Oriental Weavers is a machine loomed microfiber collection with a low, dense pile and a super soft hand. It features shades of soft slate, deep marine blue, terracotta and warm neutrals in designs ranging from organic abstracts to tile-work as well as traditional medallion pieces. Machine woven rugs can be flat looking or have an artificial appearance due to the weaving process. In order to achieve an inviting look for this collection all weavers were instructed to weave their rug so that the yarns are pulled slightly at random creating just enough variation in texture and color within each rug for it to not only look natural but also help hide any imperfections that may occur during production. This creates a more natural looking area rug than other collections which tend to be too uniformed throughout the entire length of the rug making them appear fake or lifeless. Oriental Weavers Fiona Collection offers the perfect balance of comfort and style. The rich palette combined with beautiful patterns makes for an easy way to add warmth to any room in your home.

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