Collection: The Tybee Collection

The Tybee collection offers a subtle feeling of comfort and is woven of heat-set polypropylene. Woven of heat-set polypropylene, the Oriental Weavers Tybee collection provides a subtle feeling of comfort. Available in five standard sizes. Each pattern has its own unique character that will complement any decorating style or color palette you may choose to create for your home. Choose from eight patterns that range from transitional to traditional and provide a subtle feeling of comfort with this beautiful addition to your home décor. Whether it's the solid colors or intricate designs, each piece is crafted by hand using 100% cotton yarns dyed before weaving begins which allows for greater color consistency across the entire rug pile lengthwise versus machine dying alone which can cause color variation between ends and beginnings on one rug only producing an off shade effect on either end due to human error during dyeing process. Each piece is made in Egypt.

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