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Poshrug Brown White Contemporary Cowhide Rug

Poshrug Brown White Contemporary Cowhide Rug

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Brown and White Cowhide Patchwork Contemporary Design Area Rug


In a beautiful combination of natural patchworks and bright and as well as subtle colors, Poshrugs offer natural floor coverings with a modern take on the classic. Are you ardent towards soft and plush rugs and looking to add a unique decor statement to your living space, consider some of our exclusive patchwork area rugs which feature genuine cowhide pieces.

This Brown and White Contemporary Cowhide Patchwork Rug is certainly a great pick from our delicately stitched cowhide rugs. A stylized quatrefoil pattern with a symbolic meaning, this designer rug is beautifully patterned to add character to your living space wherever you decide to place it. The patched rug works the same for floors as a modern art does for the walls. A color palette of timeless hues?brown and white along with lustrous cowhide offers a touch of shimmer for a look which is modern and splendid.

The cowhide used in making the patchwork rugs is absolutely safe and authentic. All our cowhide rugs are suitable for upholstering furniture and are ideal to be used as a modern alternative to traditional floor coverings. The cowhide area rug is a family-friendly?it doesn?t harm your baby?s skin once he starts crawling. It is stain-resistant and consumes very less time in getting cleaned. For a simple decor where you need serene and calm environment, you can place this rug in the quietest corner of your home, throw a matching pouf or a luxurious chair and create a pleasant reading nook. Our cowhide patchwork rug varieties are available in many sizes and colors to suit every taste. The available sizes are? 4x6, 5x8, 6x9, 8x10 and 9x12.

Each Patchwork Cowhide Rug is individually handcrafted, creating a unique piece just for you!


  • This brown and white cowhide rug is an exceptional choice for decorating your home and since it is very soft and natural, it enhances the beauty of your home by making it look welcoming.
  • Extraordinarily durable, this cowhide rug withstands everyday wear and tear.
  • Our hand-woven area rug collection represents the outstanding achievement of highly skilled artisans.
  • The contemporary rug is available in 5 different sizes?this allows you to choose the perfectly sized rug for your entryway, bedroom, living area, conference room or dining room.
  • If you want this beautiful symbolic patterned rug for a space that doesn?t match the available sizes, don?t worry! You?ll love the idea of being able to order it as a customized piece based on your size and color preferences.

Don?t you just love this rug? So, what are you waiting for?

Order the perfectly sized Brown and White Cowhide Contemporary Patchwork Rug for your boudoir or living room or have it customized the way you want!

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